23 April 2011

reality sucks

back from my cornish adventure ~The not so great aspects: I wrecked my camera ____ lets just say an incoming tide and a big wave left my camera well & truly dead :( (Thankfully had my film cams & my mum's beast of a canon to hand) Wrecked my feet whilst clambering over rocks, up cliffs, into rockpools & by dropping glass on my foot (not cool.) -- i am such a nightmare. ah well, here's hoping to a rad final art piece after all the pain & effort I've been through ha.... but it was amazing nonetheless ~ had long chats with an old man about music & gramophones, decided I want to learn to surf & visited some really incredible places - empty beaches with miles of sand & caves & lagoons & rocks & cliffs. Srsly, who needs exotic when you've got the english coast?????
Got so many concepts & ideas about the waves, the moon, the sea to incorporate in my art & for once I actually feel genuinely inspired.
// i'm off to edit thousands of photos, develop films, make films & fill sketchbooks //


  1. yes this is our summer plan essentially + the idea if becks surfing makes me chuckle but atleast I'm not alone in this anymore xxx

  2. HAHA shush, i think i would be amazing ;) can you picture us both trying to surf on the freezin waves of the cornish coast in wetsuits then sauntering back up the beach surfboards in tow.... hahahahaaa oh dear